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Project Description

The Lulin Atmospheric Background Station (LABS, 23.47°N 120.87°E, 2862 m ASL) in Central Taiwan was constructed in 2006 and is the only high-altitude background station in the western Pacific region for studying the influence of continental outflow. (More.....)


鹿林山空氣品質背景站( 北緯23.47°N,東經120.87°E,海拔高度2862公尺)座落於中部阿里山山區,玉山國家公園內。測站自2006年啟用,做為東亞地區少有的高山背景測站之一,具有研究太平洋與東亞大陸氣團的交互影響,與監測空氣品質、溫室體長期驅勢之地理優勢。 (More.....)